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Key Features of NarcFacts

NarcFacts automates PDMP data access, enhances pharmacy data, integrates the information into the Rx30 or Computer-Rx pharmacy management system, presents the information in useful ways, provides analytics for clinical decision support and public health surveillance, and provides compliance management.

The NarcFacts Summarized View Screen

Save Valuable Time

Eliminate additional steps when dispensing scheduled drugs. When you
enter the patient information and select a drug, PDMP data is pulled directly
from NarcFacts and appears as an alert in your management software.
  • Zero data entry to retrieve PDMP reports
  • View NarcFacts alerts directly in the pharmacy system workflow
  • Alerts, graphs and maps speed assessment
  • Automatically calculates MMEs (morphine milligram equivalents)

Identify Abuse

With the click of a button, you can view a prescription history graph and
prescriber map available through the NarcFacts integration to help you
easily identify patients who are abusing the system to procure drugs.

NarcFacts answers:

  • What are the active controlled substance prescriptions?
  • Is patient’s total MME per day a concern, is patient showing increased tolerance?
  • Is patient paying cash vs. insurance?
  • Is patient receiving controlled substances from multiple prescribers or pharmacies?
  • Is the patient traveling extended distances to get medications?
NarcFacts PDMP Review Prescription History Graph and Geo Map
NarcFacts Annotated PDMP Reports

Ensure PDMP Compliance

When you select the button in the alert, a window will open with additional
information on the patient. Once this window opens, a log of your action is created,
keeping you compliant.
  • Meet state-specific requirements and mandated use of PDMP.
  • NarcFacts checks every patient automatically.  You’ll get 100% coverage.
  • Recorded checks so you can demonstrate compliance.
  • See the big picture and understand trends within your pharmacy and patient population.

Available PDMP Alerts

Overlapping Pharmacies

Triggered when a patient has active prescriptions filled at two or more pharmacies at the same time.

High Dose

This alert is triggered when the  MME (Morphine Milligram Equivalent) per day has exceeded 90 MME per day in the past 60 days.

Multiple Prescribers

Triggered when a patient has active prescriptions from two or more prescribers at the same time in the SAME CATEGORY.

Identical Prescriptions

Triggered when an identical prescription appears to have been filled at two or more pharmacies.

Unexpected Patient Data

This alert is triggered when the patient data that is returned has a different name or DOB than requested data.

Write/Fill Gap

Triggered when the time between the prescription write date and the fill date exceeds the threshold of 45 days.

Overlapping Prescribers

Triggered when a patient has active perscriptions from two or more prescribers at the same time in DIFFERENT CATEGORIES.

Private Pay

Triggered when a prescription has been paid for privately instead of billed to insurance. Only available in select states.

Frequently Asked Questions About NarcFacts

Using Single Sign-On connectivity, NarcFacts automates PDMP checks for pharmacy patients and provides an easy to view display, with configurable settings.  NarcFacts Alerts can be turned on/off based on pharmacy preference and relevance.  For each patient PDMP inquiry, NarcFacts delivers its analysis of the patient’s prescription history in several ways:

  • NarcFacts DUR alerts within the pharmacy management system.
  • NarcFacts patient profile direct access from the pharmacy management system.
  • Web interface with NarcFacts Alerts and second-level alert detail.

Each type of analysis may be instantly accessed with a single click from the patient profile within the pharmacy management system.

NarcFacts saves community pharmacists valuable time when reviewing patient PDMP data regarding controlled substances by quickly identifying potential abuse and patients that may be at risk. NarcFacts also ensures compliance in states that require a review of PDMP data when filling prescriptions for controlled substances. NarcFacts is an essential tool that will help you keep patients safe when it comes to using controlled substances.

First, NarcFacts collects data from a handful of different systems, including pharmacy prescription records, state databases of all controlled substance prescriptions, Google maps, and third-party data services.  Then, it cross-references them and applies proprietary algorithms find patterns that point to possible abuse of prescription medicines.  NarcFacts:

Collects Data
NarcFacts collects data from state databases of all controlled substance prescriptions, google maps, and other third-party data providers and cross-references them with pharmacy prescription records.

Applies Pattern-matching Analytics
NarcFacts applies proprietary algorithms to find patterns that point to possible abuse of prescription medicines by analyzing prescription fill history, provider-patient pairs, and geographical information specific to patient controlled substance providers and pharmacies.

Presents Alerts Regarding Controlled Substance Use
NarcFacts presents highly visible alerts that are easily recognized and reviewed by the pharmacist such as overlapping pharmacies, a high dose above MME daily threshold, overlapping prescribers and more.  Pharmacists control alert settings and thresholds so they can view the alerts they want to see.

Integrates with the Pharmacy Management System
NarcFacts integrates with Rx30 and ComputerRx pharmacy management systems, allowing pharmacies to see alerts directly in their workflow.  This provides a seamless view of NarcFacts alerts and access to PDMP data from within the pharmacy management system.

Meets compliance requirements for PDMP Review
NarcFacts provides a one-touch review of PDMP data that meet specific state requirements for PDMP review when dispensing controlled substances.  This compliance data is readily available to meet state requirements in the event of an audit.

  • NarcFacts automates PDMP access and review, eliminating manual data entry and saving pharmacists time.
  • NarcFacts organizes PDMP data into intuitive Alerts identifying patients needing further investigation.
  • NarcFacts makes PDMP data easier to use and understand.
  • NarcFacts ensures compliance and improves care quality.
  • NarcFacts is integrated directly into the pharmacy management system for Rx30 and Computer-Rx users.

NarcFacts gets PDMP data from each state’s PDMP database.  This data is generally accurate; however, NarcFacts performs data analysis to see if the state has merged multiple patients into a single report.  NarcFacts alerts are based on an analysis of this PDMP data as well as additional sources of data.  NarcFacts alerts are not a diagnosis of any condition and do not suggest prescribing or dispensing decisions. They should be used to highlight areas of concern for the pharmacist to consider when dispensing controlled substances, or that may warrant a conversation between pharmacist and patient or patient’s prescriber.

NarcFacts licensors will keep PDMP request data for 3 years or longer if required to meet specific state requirements. This provides the ability run reports to comply with audit requests. The data retained is only request related (e.g. the date/time of the request, the requestor and the patient). The actual PDMP clinical data is not retained. The actual PDMP data can be kept for a specific period of time in an encrypted database, but it is purged within a timeframe defined by the State, the pharmacy, or NarcFacts licensors, whichever is shortest. Audit logs of when a user logs in and which patients they view is also retained.

NarcFacts costs the pharmacy $59/month. Your state may require fees for individual state PDMP access or PDMP gateway access.

You may pre-register by submitting the form at the bottom of this page. When the product launches you will receive notice and an end user license agreement for NarcFacts. A support team member will walk you through the steps for gaining access in your state.

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